Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ways To Generate Passive Income For A Photographer - A Complete Guide For Beginners

Photography is fun; it's a great pastime. People love to snap photos and preserve the precious memories through images. Nowadays, one can easily snap and store images using the advanced technology devices, DSLRs, mobile phones and so on. But some creative photographers have turned their hobby into a passive income generator using the creative ideas. Let's explore how a photographer can generate passive income from his snaps. Here, you'll also explore the basic guideline on how to start photography for making money online.

Ways to generate passive income as a photographer: steps you should follow

#1 first, you should get the right tool to work with. If you love to snap photos, you'll need a decent quality camera, a good digital SLR camera. This will help you take high quality pictures. If you want to design things on the computer, you should install and learn Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. You have to get these tools first and learn how to use them carefully. Your skills can only lift up your earnings. So concentrate on preparing yourself before generating the first paycheck.

#2 once you have mastered the basics, it's time to gain some field experience. You have to understand the type of images that are high in demands. You should also explore your own ideas and interests. Some photographers love to take nature snaps, whereas some others are passionate about portraits. You should concentrate on developing a good portfolio with certain niche specific image items. This will help you get attention from the potential clients and help you make money.

#3 now, you have to search for a suitable platform to sell your photos and earn commissions. There are several photography websites commonly termed as stock photography sites that allow contributors to join their communities and upload photos. They are strict about the quality and theme of the images uploaded here. If you're looking forward to a promising start, make sure you have some great items to upload while opening an account.

#4 once your application is approved, it's time to explore the website, find the images being sold frequently and to understand the current trends. These websites pay royalties or commissions whenever someone downloads your photos. The commissions may vary within a wide range depending on the quality and demand of the photographs. Some renowned freelance photographers are earning $75 for each of the uploads.

#5 the idea is very simple; the more you upload, the more you earn. You can only generate passive income after uploading a decent amount of photographs that are trending. You have to understand the requirements of your clients, snap and upload the images accordingly. Don't forget to touch-up those photos before uploading them on these websites. A good looking image always grabs attention and gets more downloads.

***Warning: focus on quality, not quantity

The stock image websites are very strict about the photographs uploaded by the contributors. You have to concentrate on getting professional snaps. Consider taking several shots before you get the best one. You should concentrate on quality over quantity to maximize your earnings and credibility as a photographer.

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