Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Applications That Allow You To Create Cool Photo Effects In Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have become a part of our lives. Every day, we log in to our profiles in these social networking sites for interacting with our fiends and for sharing videos, images and other interesting stuff. For many people, Facebook is the best medium for sharing images and photos. With the help of this social networking site people can easily share their photos with the world, comment on each other's photos and have a lot of fun. Those of us, who are a little adventurous, can utilize various applications which can help them in enhancing their Facebook photos.

Here are the top 5 applications that will allow you to create cool photo effects in Facebook:

1. piZap - this is one of the most popular image editing application on Facebook, which allows you to create cool photo effects. The popularity of this app can be ascertained from the fact that it is used by more than 7 million users. Add colorful text, borders and stickers. You can quickly create cutouts, collages and apply different filter effects. It allows you to be creative with your Facebook images and photos.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio - this is another popular photo app which is available in Android as well. The app has more than 1 million followers and it offers a variety of image editing features. It is a free application, which will allow you to create cool photo effects and you can edit the images, based on your requirement. The best part is that, PicsArt Photo Studio has a policy of not selling images uploaded by the users.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ways To Generate Passive Income For A Photographer - A Complete Guide For Beginners

Photography is fun; it's a great pastime. People love to snap photos and preserve the precious memories through images. Nowadays, one can easily snap and store images using the advanced technology devices, DSLRs, mobile phones and so on. But some creative photographers have turned their hobby into a passive income generator using the creative ideas. Let's explore how a photographer can generate passive income from his snaps. Here, you'll also explore the basic guideline on how to start photography for making money online.

Ways to generate passive income as a photographer: steps you should follow

#1 first, you should get the right tool to work with. If you love to snap photos, you'll need a decent quality camera, a good digital SLR camera. This will help you take high quality pictures. If you want to design things on the computer, you should install and learn Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. You have to get these tools first and learn how to use them carefully. Your skills can only lift up your earnings. So concentrate on preparing yourself before generating the first paycheck.